Adding a contact

The simplest way to add a single contact to CiviCRM is to use the navigation menu at the top of any non-public page. To create a new Individual, go to: Contacts > New Individual.

This screen grab shows Student, Parent & Staff as the contact individual types. But they may have a different name in your system.


Useful things to know when adding contacts:

Address: You can add multiple addresses to a contact record. This allows you to store someone's home and work addresses, as well as a billing address if that's different.

You will see a checkbox here to allow you to share the address of either an existing contact, or create a new contact. If you select new contact, you will need to select which contact type you wish to create, and a pop up box will appear to add the new contact record. When a person uses another contact's address, that address can only be edited from the "master contact's" record.

The options available in the countries dropdown will depend on which ones you have made available at Administer > Localization > Languages, Currency, Locations under Available Countries.

There may be fields here that you do not need. Available address fields can be edited at Administer > Localization > Address settings. The "Address Name" field which can be used to label a particular address (for example "Summer Home") is hidden by default, but can be enabled from that screen.

Tags and Groups: Here you can specify which tags and groups to add your contact to. Please note that you may only add to existing groups and tags with existing tags. You can read more about creating tags and groups in the Groups and Tags chapter of this book.

Once you have filled out the form, you have the choice of three buttons to click:

The text on this page is simplified from the ‘CiviCRM user and administrator guide’. See the original text here. The text is licensed under the GNU Public License v2.

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