Stretched Backgrounds

This page explains how to add a stretched background image to a new post or page on your Clever WordPress site.

  1. When editing your Post or Page, look below the editing area to see the section labelled 'Full Screen Background Image'.
  2. Click the 'Choose Image' button
  3. Are you adding a new backgroundimage that is not already stored in your site? Use the 'From Computer' tab & click 'Select Files' to upload a new file, then continue with the next step.
  4. Use the 'Media Library' tab to find the image you wish to use - click its 'Show' label. 
  5. The various image attributes (like Description, etc) are displayed. Simply choose 'Full Size' then 'Insert into Post'.
  6. Type an image name if one does not exist.
  7. Click 'Update' as usual (top right) and 'View Post' to see how this will look.

Repeat to replace the image later.

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