Adding a downloadable PDF or other file to your WordPress site.

  1. First make sure that the file you are uploading is not too large - will your readers really want to take the time to download a large file that takes a while, only to find that it is not quite what they were after? As a rule of thumb, keep files below 1.5MB.
  2. Secondly make sure your readers are able to open the file you are uploading. If it's a Microsoft Office file, think twice - you obviously have the precise version of Microsoft Word or Publisher required to open it but your readers almost certainly won't. So keep your file types simple: PDFs or OpenOffice file formats only for presentations and spreadsheets. Even if your readers don't have OpenOffice they can download it for free. But really you can't beat PDF for most things.
  3. Now we have got over the preamble, make sure you are logged in to your WordPress site and are editing the page you want to add the file to.
  4. Click in the editing window at the point you want to insert the file.
  5. Click the small 'Upload/Insert' link above the editing area.
  6. Click the 'Select Files' button and choose the file from your own computer.
  7. A progress bar is displayed as the file is transferred.
  8. You will now see the file name and a link to its right - the link will either say 'Show' or 'Hide'. You want to click 'Show' so that you can look down through the file details and click two things:
    1. File URL, then
    2. Insert into Post
  9. Once this is done, the link to the file is inserted into the post. Go ahead and click the usual blue 'Update' button at the RH side and then preview your post. Test the file download just to make sure.
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