Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

The Clever CRM empowers your supporters/donors to raise funds on behalf of an organisation - this is also known as peer-to-peer or Crowd funding.

The Clever CRM allows individual donors (or teams of donors) to participate in peer-to-peer fundraising. Donors establish a fundraising goal for their campaign, create their own contribution page, and invite their peers to give. This powerful tool allows donors to raise funds around any activity e.g. sporting events. As peers contribute, their gifts are automatically attributed to the campaign, listing them in a scrolling 'honour roll' and visualising how much closer the campaign is to its goal.

Each contribution either creates a new contact in Clever CRM or adds the contribution to an existing contact. All personal campaign page contributions are also soft-credited to the campaign's organiser, establishing peer relationships at a glance.

Clever CRM processes peer-to-peer donations using the same payment processor as regular contributions. Unlike Clever CRM, proprietary peer-to-peer fundraising solutions charge fees of up to 7% per transaction and store the resulting contacts and contributions in a separate database. With the Clever CRM you retain control of the data.

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