Contacts in Clever CRM

The Clever CRM allows organisations to build one holistic record for each constituent.

Clever CRM understands that well-managed contacts are the building blocks of solid constituent relationship management. Clever CRM allows organisations to build a complete profile around contacts. A supporter’s contact information is tied to all their interactions with an organisation including contributions, memberships, events registrations, subscriptions and other activities.

Imagine being able to interact with the myriad individuals and organisations that support your mission via one database:

Clever CRM allows you to define contact types to suit your needs such as individuals, households, organisations, activists, families, affiliates. It allows you to define the data you will collect from these contacts based on their interactions with you including contact, billing, subscriber, events, membership and contribution information.

It also allows you to manage their relationships with one another such as employer/employee, spouse, parent/child, member and volunteer relationships. You can also group contacts for the purposes of giving them access to select content on your Web site or to select electronic mailing lists such as a monthly e-newsletter. You can automatically add contacts to relevant smart groups based on their interactions with your organisation’s Web site.

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